Kubernetic v3.4.0 Released

Release v3.4.0 is out handling some situations regarding the removal of APIs since Kubernetes 1.22.

You can check the complete list of changes on the changelog.

Migrate Ingress creation to use networking/v1 API

On Ingress creation UI the API used was extensions/v1beta1 but since kubernetes 1.22 the deprecated API is removed.

The UI now uses the new API networking.k8s.io/v1 available since 1.19 to create Ingresses.

On the new API version each path in an Ingress is required to have a corresponding path type (Path type can be one of the following values ImplementationSpecific, Exact, or Prefix). By default Prefix value is used, on later releases the path type will be configurable from the UI itself.

CRDs are now displayed in k8s 1.22+

CRDs were previously listed using API apiextensions.k8s.io/v1beta1, which is removed since 1.22.

Since Kubernetic v3.4.0 the CRD list is using the dynamic API client which doesn't depend on specific API versioning.