The Kubernetes Desktop Client

Cluster management, simplified.

Bird's eye view of the Cluster state

  • One screen to view all the related cluster's objects and their dependencies
  • Red/Green ready-state for all objects to provide a quick health check view
  • Quick actions to facilitate deletion or scaling of the application
deployment process of nginx

Real Time updates

  • Get real-time updates of the state of your cluster
  • See the evolution of your cluster as it changes the actual state to meet desired state of cluster
  • Pin-point possible issues of downtime throughout application upgrade process, by getting eyes on-site
  • Training of developers / ops is much easier when they can see the actual process
update a deployment version and see results on real-time

Multiple Clusters support

  • No configuration needed, just point and connect.
  • Uses your ~/.kube/config file for authentication.
  • If you have kubectl working, then Kubernetic will be up and running in no time.
  • Syncs current cluster between Kubernetic and kubectl so you can use both at any time.
manage multiple contexts of kubeconfig

Easy Namespace Management

  • Manage your namespaces easily through the UI
  • Instant switch of current namespace on the top menu.
  • Possibility to switch to aggregate view of All namespaces
view and creation process of namespaces

Dashboard view

  • Real time counters of the objects in Kubernetes
  • Ideal for Wall or second screen displays
dashboard view

Native Kubernetes support

  • Complete replacement of CLI
  • No need to memorize all commands
  • x10 faster than using CLI

Chart Repositories Support

  • Fully compatible with Helm Chart Repositories
  • Public & Private Repositories support
  • One Click install process for the Charts
  • Manage Chart releases on the cluster through Kubernetic
chart repositories