Kubernetic v3.3.0 Released

Release v3.3.0 is out with some important changes. You can check the complete list of changes on the changelog.

Issue with editing ingress and deployment on 1.15 and 1.21

Some API calls were using specific resource API versions by leveraging the typed API calls of kubernetes/client-go but this caused issues for clusters too old or too new where the static API versions have been deprecated. Kubernetic now has a fully featured REST-based client with dynamic API versions to avoid these versioning issues.

Default PATH is now effective

On Linux and Mac machines it is common to see authentication 3rd party binaries such as aws-iam-authenticator be installed under the /usr/local/bin PATH. The PATH on the Preferences page had this value as default, but it was never effective.

Default PATH value

Licensing changes and discount offer

Until recently the licensing of Kubernetic was perpetual with one-year free updates, but the one-year licensing limit was never enforced. Starting from v3.3.0 Kubernetic is switching from perpetual to subscription-based licensing and validation of license expiration is enabled in-app.

For existing clients with older than one-year licenses they can continue using Kubernetic v3.2.0 (Mac, Linux, Win) without any limitations.

For all existing clients there is a discount of 20% for any number of licenses for the until end of March, to request simply send an email at contact@harbur.io.