Kubernetic v3.2.0 Released

Release v3.2.0 is out with bug fixes and maintaince tasks. You can check the complete list of changes on the changelog.

Fix breaking changes introduced on Control Plane 1.20+

Kubernetes control plane deprecated use of metadata.selfLink field here in individual and list objects. The selfLink field was used in Kubernetic as a reference to track changes on UI, which had the effect of disappearing resources when listed.

This is now fixed by using the metadata.uid field instead to track changes.

Change Font Size

Depending on your display resolution the default font size may not be the optimal for your setup. Now there is an option to zoom in/out to better customize your app.

zoom app

Linux version Self Updates

Mac version always had the option to self update the version, but in Linux there was an issue that made a popup display the following error Error Updating: There seems to be some connectivity issue..

This is now fixed by updating the electron builder responsible for the packaging of Linux app. The app is now been distributed using AppImage format instead of tar.gz which is more widely used.